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    House Painters

    Our painting service provides top-quality paint jobs for both residential and commercial needs. We do indoor and outdoor painting in San Jose, CA. Painting Techs places customer satisfaction as our number one priority. Our painting company guarantees a smooth transition no matter the scope or size of the project. Applying a fresh coat of paint or changing colors transforms the interior or exterior of your home or business!

    If you live in San Jose and need a house painter, we can paint the interior or exterior of your home. We also have a team of commercial painters if your business in San Jose needs painting services. Our painting company has been servicing San Jose for years, and we love the customers and area! Contact us for professional painting services in San Jose by filling out the form for a free quote or call.

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    Additional Services

    Drywall Services

    • Drywall installation
    • Drywall repair 
    • Drywall and tape
    • Plastering services

    Cabinet Painting

    • Cabinet painting
    • Cabinet refinishing
    • Kitchen cabinets painting

    Fence and Deck Painting

    • Fence painting
    • Deck painting
    • Deck staining

    Trim Painting

    • Interior trim painting
    • Door painting
    • Window painting

    Professional Painting Contractors

    San Jose house painters

    Our local painting company uses premium paints, brushes, rollers, and tools on all projects. Painting Techs’ contractors have years of experience painting residential and commercial buildings. No matter the size of the project or the service you need, we provide the highest quality painting services in San Jose.

    By hiring our painting company, you will see efficient performance and receive impressive results. Our professional painting services offer the best quality at an affordable cost for your home or business. Painting Techs’ thorough planning process helps us provide the highest quality painting services. Set up an appointment with us by calling or get a free quote by filling out the online form. Painting Techs San Jose will get back to you to discuss painting services!


    Interior Painting Services

    Painting the interior of your home can transform the rooms and give them new life. Our painting contractors use high-quality paints and tools when providing indoor painting services. Painting a room seems like an easy project but can be challenging. Taking on a DIY interior painting project can sometimes leave “holidays” or missed spots while using a roller or brush. After you finish painting a room, you will see “holidays” on the wall, which incur more costs. DIY interior painting projects also require time and can get stressful.

    When our contractors paint your walls, trim, or ceilings, you will get results that have even and smooth coverage. Our painting company has been in business for years. Our interior painters prepare for every job and work neatly. Our painting contractors bring plastic and drop cloths to protect your furniture. Our house painters also have ladders to paint the hard-to-reach areas. Our painting company uses high-quality rollers and brushes to ensure we do not miss a spot. Our interior house painters will complete the job in ample time with no paint droplets you need to worry about cleaning. The finished rooms will have a high-quality, professional, and clean look that will impress you.

    If you reside in San Jose, you can stop searching for “house painters near me” and contact Painting Techs. Call us to set up an appointment for any interior painting services you need. You can also fill out our online form to receive a free quote. We look forward to providing you affordable interior painting services!

    Exterior Painting Services

    We can transform the look of your home or property with our exterior painting services. We plan for the project and know which paints will hold up against the elements. Changing the color or applying new coats of paint enhance the look of your home or business. Exterior painting renews your home’s appeal and increases property value if you have plans to sell.

    We also can service specific outdoor areas. Some examples of what we paint include decks, swimming pool areas, sheds, garages, windows, fences, and doors.

    Feel free to get a free quote for exterior painting services in San Jose by submitting our online form. You may also call us to speak with our team to schedule an appointment or consultation. Painting Techs looks forward to discussing your exterior painting needs and working with you!

    Our Process

    Painting Techs San Jose has a process we adhere to when painting indoor or outdoor spaces. Our painting contractors will always protect your property and belongings in the areas we paint. Our painting company brings plastic cloths to protect furniture and other items in the space that needs painting service. Our team of house painters moves the furniture for our customers away from the areas that need work. Our interior painters also bring drop cloths to protect your flooring.

    Before painting, our painting contractors prepare the surfaces by cleaning. Our interior painters will wipe down and wash the surfaces that need paint. Our painters gently use sanders to prepare surfaces to help the paint adhere better. Our painting contractors will also fix damaged walls. Our interior painters plaster holes or cracks and use a mold-resistant sealant on areas with watermarks. Our house painters apply painter’s tape to the edges of walls and trim to guarantee the best results.

    If your home or business in San Jose California has wallpaper, popcorn ceilings, or other textured surfaces, our painting company can help. Painting Techs’ contractors remove wallpaper and its glue. We apply a solution and then sand the walls before painting. Our interior painters will also scrape popcorn ceilings or textured surfaces to smooth the areas that need painting.

    Painting Techs San Jose confirms color choices with our customers before we start the job. Our professional painters will apply primer if necessary and use the proper brushes to paint the edges of the walls or trim. Our interior painters then paint walls and ceilings using premium rollers and apply the first coat of paint evenly. Once the paint dries, our contractors apply additional coats to achieve the desired result. Our painting company will then check with our customers to get approval or address any concerns.

    After we meet our customers’ needs, our painting contractors begin cleanup. Our interior painters then vacuum, sweep, and move the furniture and other items back into place. Painting Techs will dispose of all trash from the job. Our painting company leaves leftover paint with our customers for touchups or color matching.

    Get a free online quote by filling out the form or call us today to schedule painting services. Painting Tech San Jose looks forward to hearing from you!

    Drywall Repair, Plaster, and Painting

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    Sometimes walls will have minor to extensive damage from holes, cracks, or aging. Before we provide painting services, we need to check to see the scope of work. For minor damage, our experienced interior painters can spackle or plaster. Sometimes, walls have more significant damage. Our painting contractors specialize in drywall repair and installing new sheetrock.

    Painting Techs San Jose offers drywall repair services for walls and ceilings. We have interior painters that repair drywall holes, cracks, seams, and patches. Our painting contractors can also repair or replace sheetrock and refinish drywall. Our professional painting services include drywall repair and sheetrock installation.

    After we finish the drywall repair, plastering, or sheetrock installation, our painting contractors start painting your walls and ceilings. If your home or business in San Jose has damaged walls or ceilings, please contact Painting Techs to remedy the situation. Call us or obtain a free quote for drywall repair or plaster services by filling out our online form. We look forward to serving you!

    Commercial Painting Contractors

    We have commercial painting contractors that provide service to all types, sizes, and ages of commercial property in San Jose. If your company needs interior or exterior painting, our commercial painting company can help! Some properties include warehouses, office buildings, strip malls, small shops, and restaurants. Our commercial painting company uses high-quality paint and supplies with years of experience.

    If your business needs a commercial painting company in San Jose, please reach out to us. Call Painting Techs San Jose today. For a free quote, submit our online form, and we will be happy to assist your commercial painting needs.

    Residential Painting Contractors

    We have a team of interior and exterior residential painting contractors. Our interior painters can apply fresh coats of paint to any rooms or ceilings in your house, with your choice of colors.

    We can paint the outside of your residence or any structures on your property. Our exterior painters work on fences, decks, sheds, swimming pool areas, and other outdoor items that need paint. Painting your home increases property value as well.

    Painting your home can become burdensome without having a ladder to paint ceilings or hard-to-reach areas. Hiring a professional painting service delivers a higher-quality finished result. Our interior house painters come with everything the project needs. We protect and move your property and work neatly with great attention to detail. Our residential painting contractors put everything back after the project and do all the cleanup!

    If your home in San Jose needs interior or exterior professional painting services, contact Painting Techs today! Call us to schedule a project with our residential painting contractors or get a free estimate with our online form. We will be happy to paint the inside or outside of your home!

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    Best Time to Get Your House Painted

    The best time to hire an exterior painter for your home in San Jose can be during the spring, summer, or fall months. Interior painters can paint your house throughout the year. Keep in mind that March has the most rainfall in the city. In San Jose, due to the weather, painting the exterior of your home should be every five to ten years. If you plan on selling your house, hiring a professional painting service delivers a high return on investment.

    Painting Techs’ team of exterior painters can work with you to schedule the best time to paint your house. Our painting company’s interior painter can paint your home at whatever time works best for you. Call us today to set up an appointment or get your free quote for house painting by submitting our online form. We will figure out the best time for you to paint your house in San Jose!

    Why Choose Us?

    Painting Techs San Jose has been in business since 2011 serving residential and commercial customers. Our painting company takes great pride in all projects we complete. Our painting contractors pay close attention to detail. Our licensed and insured team of interior and exterior painters have years of experience and provide professional services.

    Our residential and commercial painters use premium paint, rollers, brushes, and other tools. We can purchase paint at lower costs due to being one of the larger painting companies in San Jose California. Our painting company, therefore, can provide affordable and professional painting services to your home or business.

    Painting Techs San Jose also works with our customers during the entire painting project. Our painting contractors include you in the planning and preparation phase. We also share our progress when we provide our painting services. We love what we do and approach all painting jobs, large or small, with the same enthusiasm and professionalism.

    Choose Painting Techs San Jose for any painting needs your house or business has! Call us today to set up an appointment or fill out our online form for a free quote. We cannot wait to hear from you!

    Areas We Service

    We serve our clients in San Jose California, Santa Clara California, Saratoga, Rinconada, Monte Sereno, Los Gatos, Robertsville, Alamitos, English Town, Chemeketa Park, Coyote, Madrone, Morgan Hill, Lick, Campbell, Sunnyvale, Alum Rock, East Foothills, Milpitas, Fremont, Union City, Palo Alto, Cupertino, Stanford California, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Loyola and more.